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From Confusion to Clarity – For Choosing a career or a College

Are you in high school? Are you confused about choosing a career? Do you know your career path and destination? Which college will be right to achieve your goals? Looking for Best Junior Colleges in Hyderabad to achieve your Goals? It’s common for many high school students to be confused while choosing their career options. It’s usually easy to guide if your strengths are known not just in academics but also about your personal attributes.

To discover a career it’s important to know deep insights on your holistic profile which consists of :-

1. Your Personality: Understanding your Personality will help you identify your consistent behavior patterns. Every individual is different due to their unique blend of attributes. A personality assessment identifies what career options suit your style and match your personal attributes.

2. Your Aptitude: Understanding your Aptitude will help you explore your innate strengths. Every individual has a unique area of expertise and their own forte. Aptitude assessment predicts what is your innate ability and potential and helps you find career options that are in sync with your aptitude.

3. Your Emotional Quotient: Understanding your Emotional Intelligence will help you understand your effectiveness in social situations. Emotional Intelligence assessment identifies how well you recognize and handle your own emotions and interpersonal relationships.

4. Your Orientation Style: Orientation style identifies what an individual is driven by. Understanding the orientation style will help you with career decisions based on your dominant style of interaction with the surroundings.

5. Your Interest: Understanding your Interest will help you identify what work areas excite you and helps you identify career options which are personally rewarding. Interest assessment explores your interest across multiple career options to find the right match which shall keep you engaged.

It is more important to know how to find such information about yourself. Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint in certain areas on your own. To overcome such confusion we offer the world’s best scientific and futuristic career guidance to find your true calling in life. A complete one stop solution with a detailed report, recommended career paths according to your strengths along with an expert analysis and a development plan to overcome the shortcomings.

In the world of the future, students will need unique skills to thrive. At Fountainhead Global School & Junior College, we enable learning differently, all based on Depth Of Knowledge (DOK) and we train students how to use knowledge for the greater good. Every student learns about the concepts in science at school. But how many of them know how to use it for the greater good? That is where Fountainheads’ Depth of Knowledge comes in. From lake revival to technical solutions, our 21st-century curriculum offers learning at DOK Level 4. This enables real-world application of concepts, promotes problem-solving and creates young adults of a new world.

Fountainhead caters to life’s important skills like Creativity, Collaboration, Courageous ability to deal with failure, Confidence in decision making, Capable of problem-solving, Complete integrity, Critical thinking, Conscious emotional intelligence, Cautious negotiation, and Cognitive flexibility. Our healthy and happy campus offers. 
* Planned academics with futuristic courses. 
* Programs of shadowing with industry experts.
* Perfect mentor guidance. 
* Preparation for competitive / entrance exams.
* Placements into Undergraduate courses both in India and Abroad. 

Clarity is a consequence of handling your confusion consciously

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