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Parents SPEAK

The teaching methodology is very good, they encourage student’s hidden talent , contact with parents is also too good,they have efficient and friendly teachers,they respond very quickly,and the care about each and every student is adorable.

The guidelines given by teachers are very good,they care for students very much ,they encourage student’s talent,the curriculum is very systematic,the Pearson education is also very knowledgeable to students, communication skills are very good.

Mam, as of now everything is fine. We don’t have any complaints or suggestions. We would like to continue this.
Ruba Vasanth

The online classes were very useful; they kept the kids engaged and entertained . It also helped them to be in contact With their friends and teachers.
N. Ramya sree

Thank you for helping my daughter for online classes. Online classes may develop the skills and confidence. Your expertise in teaching has put their minds easy. We are so grateful to have online classes and to have you as our child’s teachers.

Fountainhead school feels like another home for children. Their teachers take personal care of the children. Their curriculum is well rounded and creates an atmosphere for the overall development of the student.

They will take care of kids very well, Studies also up-to the mark….I am seeing good improvement in my kid..
Venkateswara Rao Vuppala

My experiences with “Fountainhead Global School” is outstanding. I believe that learning with art and creativity is making my child unique. Proper planning will give not only recognition to the School but also Students of the School which is more than our expectation. Sharing the plan on what is to be taught is perfect but making the Student experience the real world is just exemplary by organising the field trips.
Varsha Pervaram

Nice and very professional Teachers and staff.
vijender kaswan Surpura

Nice and very professional Teachers and staff.
vijender kaswan Surpura

Thank you for the support. I am very happy to make my kids part of this school.

Students Speak

One of the best places where we can learn new things everyday.
swathi Chowdary

Amazing school ! Being a student I experience everyday as a fun and enjoyable day . Students are given individual importance and care which gives them more confidence and encouragement to achieve and do better in academics. Every student in my school has a fascinating quality in them. Every festival is celebrated which makes the student know more about our culture. I’m feeling lucky to have Intelligent, smart, enthusiastic, encouraging and friendly teachers,staff, and drivers. Every student , according to their talent, is being taken to a competition . Every activity is conducted : Dance , Musical Instruments , Musical Vocal , Karate , Sports (Every Game). # Feeling lucky to be a part of this school
Marvika Reddy

It’s a nice school,you got to do many things here. also ,the teachers are very supportive towards your dream, especially Sudha ma’am. Since there are less students each one gets equal attention, care and support. I have been a student here from 2 years and I found these 2 years very fun ,interesting ,adventurous and full of knowledge.
Sana Anjum




Our students are designers, caregivers, entrepreneurs & researchers.



Evolving to meet the needs of generation now and communities we serve



Our programs are the ideal blend of theoretical & practical learning experiences.


All of us in the family unconditionally love our students. We help them to become good human beings and bless them to achieve the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields.

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