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Yes - Youth Empowering Series


The Youth Empowering Series (YES!!!) is a comprehensive curriculum of over 70 seminars, specifically designed to take complete charge and live life powerfully.The powerful and practical programs are designed to empower the participants multidimensionally – which include, but are not restricted to

Psychological empowerment.

The psychological empowerment helps the participants to enhance their self-confidence, self-consciousness, self-belief and self-awareness.

Community empowerment

With the Community empowerment, our focus is to build and develop the leadership skills, enable them to communicate powerfully and develop a strong network, to touch, move and inspire the community to come forth and address the concerns

Organizational empowerment

The primary aim of organizational empowerment, is to train the participants’ minds to think logically and structurally, in a way that they are able to visualise the results of the process. Practicing this, they then are encouraged to create robust structures and environments that enable them to live and work for fulfilment of their goals/projects in a relaxed way

Economic empowerment

Economic empowerment intends to encourage the participants to develop their entrepreneurial skills, responsibly building and owning up their assets, to create their financial security.

Social empowerment

Social empowerment encourages the young adults to develop their inclusive skills and attitude, and empower everyone around them, to lead an accomplished and powerful life.

The YES!!! Curriculum, through several such aspects of empowerment, allows the participants to cause enormous breakthroughs in their overall performance, communication, relationships, peace of mind and overall quality of life.

The comprehensive set of practical tools addresses:

  • Making the crystal-clear choices and pursue what is important, rather than going after things they want
  • Enhance quality of relationships, communicate effectively and resolve things to effectively work them out
  • Improve their Confidence with which they can conduct life and their ability to translate their intentions and their commitments into reality
  • Increase the Level of their personal effectivity and productivity, and really make things happen in life
  • Experience of the difference they make and bring out the positive and permanent shift in the quality of their lives.


Everyone who are 14 years and above are welcome to enroll yourself by registering through the given link.

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Mark your calendar on 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th June 2021.

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