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The curriculum at Fountainhead Global School is designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum of Central Board of Secondary Education and its academic needs of the students. A strong emphasis is placed on speaking, listening, reading, writing and mathematics. The National Curriculum consists of the compulsory subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Music, etc. Children are also taught about respecting the schools charter in the early years, which we believe that if taught at foundation stage followed by the reception of secondary education which is split into the prime and specific areas remain as an integral part of their habit.

Learning of topics is also developed through plays and other sources of practical learning augmented by the technological modules to arouse children’s interest. Children are engaged in focused learning activities in all areas, specifically communication, language and literacy, mathematics, science and other subject based topics which also includes cross-curricular areas such as health education and environmental studies, always taking account of equal opportunities.

Staff with consideration of the varying abilities, use both whole class and group teaching strategies due to our work being carefully structured, so that each year the children’s knowledge and skills are reinforced and extended. Extra help is available for those children who have additional needs. Our staff’s whole school approach of working closely together enabling each child to make an easy progression from one year to the next. Support is also provided from outside agencies for children as they require specialized modules to overcome barriers to learning.

We closely work with some of the reputed modules with experience in different modules of academic learning programs such as Pearson’s Mypedia, Google for Education, United Nations for Sustainable Development Goal, Brainfeed and Kindle’s module support and fulfill our technological requirement toward better understanding and development of the children through e-learning. British Council, Unicampus, CREYA and Mykensho are our cultural partners providing with their care towards social, academic, leadership and advanced learning skills of our students, where as GHMC, Swacch Bharat and Million Moms are our altruistic partners that help to develop virtue of care and empathy in our students though providing many tailor made roles in their major humanitarian projects.







Our students are designers, caregivers, entrepreneurs & researchers.



Evolving to meet the needs of generation now and communities we serve



Our programs are the ideal blend of theoretical & practical learning experiences.


All of us in the family unconditionally love our students. We help them to become good human beings and bless them to achieve the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields.

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